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What is it?

BookListGen is a booklist/index file generator for the Sony LIBRIe ebook reader. It's written in C# and runs under the mono platform on Linux and OS X, as well as MS .NET on Windows (Tested on XP/SP2, .NET 1.1, SDK 1.1). BookListGen is released under the GPL license.

What can it do?

Basically, it allows you to get books onto your LIBRIe without using Windows. BookListGen can create the LIBRIe's required directory structure on a mounted memory stick. It can also scan for LRF (BBeB ebook) files and add these files to the index. This allows the LRF files to be read from this memory stick when it is inserted into the LIBRIe. Full instructions are included in the README file included. More information can also be found on the LIBRIe Wiki, and the Yahoo LIBRIe Group.

What do I need?

  • Firstly, you need #ZipLib in order to run/compile BookListGen. Just download the zip, extract it and drop ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll into /usr/lib.
  • You also need mono/.NET installed. I'm using the mono-gmcs package which is included in Debian unstable, but anything recent should be fine.
  • A memory stick and memory stick reader which is supported under your OS. (I recommend the Belkin USB 2.0 15-in-1 reader for use in Linux).
  • A LIBRIe (Duh)

Where can I get it?

BookListGen v0.3.8 can be downloaded in source code form from the following location:

A linux binary (built using mcs and win32 binary (built using Visual Studio 2005) is also included with this source package. Version 0.3.8 adds VS 2005 build/solution files and a fix for booknames generated by the Sony Librie printer driver which contained long file paths. These patches were kindly provided by Ali.

Who wrote this?

BookListGen is written by me ( Peter Knowles <> ), but it wouldn't have been possible without the information provided by some of the members of the Yahoo LIBRIe Group. Thanks also to Leonid for testing under Win32, Craig Horman for testing under OS X and Ali for patches. Any suggestions or comments ( or patches, if you are so inclined ) are always welcome.