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What is it?

APassGen is a random password generator written specifically for the Agenda VR3 PDA ( Agenda Computing ). APassGen uses the FLTK library, and is released under the BSD license.

What can it do?

APassGen can generate passwords of variable length ad type:

  • Lower case.
  • Mixed case.
  • With or without numbers.
  • With or without symbols.

In addition, APassGen can generate pronounceable passwords along with a guide to the pronunciation. It can save your configuration to a file so that your defaults are retained between sessions.

Where can I get it?

APassGen v0.1 can be downloaded in source code form from the following location:

A binary built for the Agenda is included along with the source code.

Who wrote this?

APassGen is written by me ( Peter Knowles <peter@knowleshome> ). It uses code from APG written by Adel I. Mirzazhanov for the password generation routines. Any suggestions or comments ( or patches, if you are so inclined ) are welcome.